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Why not let our chef, René Walter, and his team, spoil you?

Our restaurant offers home-cooked favourites and sophisticated dishes, prepared using local produce, some of it grown practically “on our own doorstep”.

Indeed, seasonal produce plays a major role in our restaurant; deliciously light asparagus in spring, for example, and in autumn, the wonderful flavours of mushrooms and game. Then, in winter, it’s time for a tasty meal of goose.

Moreover, local specialities like roast beef, home-made Swabian noodles or pork fillet, are always on our menu.

Our philosophy or retaining the best traditions, whilst introducing exciting new ideas, is reflected, not only in the food we serve, but also in the design and layout of our dining area and function room.

Come along and let the menu and the atmosphere inspire you....


Montag bis Donnerstag
ab 12 Uhr - 19 Uhr  

Sonntag ab 12 Uhr - 19 Uhr

Heute 26.05.21 erst ab 15 Uhr

bis 21 Uhr 

Feiern Sie Geburtstag?
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ist eine Lieferung leider
nicht möglich! 
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